God of Second Chances

Father Michael Decewicz - May 18, 2020

There is a hymn that has these lyrics written by David Haas that I find so very meaningful for all those who struggle in recovery.

The hymn is titled, “The God of Second Chances.”  Listen to some of the lyrics:

“Come, O God of second chances, open our lives to heal,” and then later in the verse, “Save us from ourselves.”  Then in the second verse it says, “Come, O God, release our demons, open our eyes to see the shame within our gilt and pain.  Mend us, make us whole.”  Then in the third verse it says, “Embrace our fear and hold us close, calm the storm within,” and finally in the last verse it says, “Come now, O God, and shake our resentments, open our way to choose the way of love over revenge, show us a new way.  Grant us compassion, open our hearts to love.  May we let go of hurt.  Help us move on.  Come now, O God of second chances, allow me to forgive myself.”

What powerful words these are, and what a powerful sentiment they express.  That our God is a God of “second chances,” because we all need healing, forgiveness and love.  We are all broken; we have all hurt others and ourselves.  We all struggle with guilt and shame; we all harbor past hurt, disappointment, even resentment, and we all know, deep in our being, that our God is a God of “second chances,” loving us as we are, challenging us to honest and authentic and giving us courage enough to accept the invitation to grow and change. 

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